Round 1, Match 6 of the 2nd Programming Language World Championships! #plwc2020

@fribbledom Java was a mighty weapon against Microsoft. So much so they had to try to clone it as .NET.

@lwriemen @fribbledom Java was more a way to decrease programmer's wage, in my opinion...

@loweel @fribbledom Interesting comment. How did Java decrease programmer's wage?

@lwriemen @fribbledom I remember what happened. Before of Java I was developing with C/C++ and ADA, mostly for HPTC/HPC. Both of them required some skills, like memory management, constructors and destructors, CPU utilization , memory utilization.

After java popped up in the market, people using a JVM was not aware of any of that, invaded the market. They were just saying "Java is very performant", but they were not able to design the software for performance, they didn't care of destructors because they had the garbage collector, they didn't free any memory (cause of the garbage collector), and so on.

As a result of this, the market was invaded bu "programmers" who learnt development reading examples here and there. No studies, no idea what the computer behind of them was doing, etcetera.

You asked most of them to write a mask of bit into a serial port and you could see the squirrel in their heads to run.

Of course they dumped the market, so that I choose a different career as infrastructure expert. Where you need to know what you are doing, BEFORE of doing it, because after you buy the wrong hardware you can't go back. And this is why I still work there: a QSFP is not made of javascript, neither can be.

@loweel @fribbledom You're conflating a lot of different things, and most of them only involved Java due to marketing.

A lot of technologies get blamed due to silver bullet chasing and poor engineers. I also work in deeply embedded and saw poorly conceived Java products, but I also saw poorly conceived C, C++, and assembly language projects; none of which were the language's fault.

Of course, Java took over from Pascal in CS studies, so dump of new grads.

@lwriemen @fribbledom i' m not complaining. I just remember what happened. I'm pretty happy of my career, from the early 90s on
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