@jacethechicken Ageist much? This should be written as "pathetic, greedy people".

@lwriemen but that would be a less accurate assessment, and discount the harm that greedy old men in particular cause. bigotry is only really possible if it's directed at a disenfranchised or marginalized group -- like how you can't really be racist against white people. you can call white Mayonnaise Americans all you want, but it doesn't have any societal weight behind it. it's Punching Up vs. Punching Down.

also, ok Boomer.

@jacethechicken you can't solve the problem if you mischaracterize it. If you killed off all the old men (note the cartoon doesn't mention race, and neither did I), you'd still be left with plenty of monsters holding a disproportionate amount of wealth.

The real funny thing about ageism is that everyone understands it eventually. ;-)

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