You may have heard reports that Linux marketshare doubled last month.

That's likely not true.

Not only that... Linux marketshare is down significantly over the last few years.

Full report:

Thanks @Bryan Lunduke, finally some graphs about something else than #covid19 :-)

@lunduke The most reasonable explanation I can think about is that with a lot of offices and such on lockdown, the Windows % just dropped.

I disagree. No single entity (or groups for that matter) can accurately judge the market share for Linux. The fact of the matter is that, for the most part, Linux isn't sold in retail nor can one use the amount of times a person downloads an image from the distro's website as a factor. Other analytics, such as using web measurement methods, are often focused on North American markets & less so worldwide in places like Europe or China, where there have been greater adoption.

@lunduke A very logical and unbiased article! It is indeed a 'bummer'. The Linux community should not be discouraged, though. This just shows that we need to keep improving Linux. Join forums, help squash bugs and translate projects, create new apps, etc....

P.S. No more distributions!

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