@lunduke nice to see that AmigaOS is one of the OS choices. I wonder if anyone still uses it as their primary... You'll have to let me know when you close the survey.

@hannusiivonen @lunduke Wow, a story about Ubuntu from 2007! That was my first version of Ubuntu, Gutsy Gibbon. Um, might be a little out of date? ;)

We all wish she got her life in order since, but I don't think so. Ubuntu screwed her really bad

I used Ubuntu in 2005 but changed to Debian so it wouldn't ruin my life

@hannusiivonen @lunduke My first distro was Gutsy, so I've got find memories. But it was a pic to configure to get online - I had a modem which needed the firmware padded to it on each boot and I didn't really know what I was doing. It got better though. Debian is solid and I used it for years, but not always newbie friendly. Modern Ubuntu is very good, and has driven usability across Linux.

Today I think Debian is as newbie-friendly as anything, except for compatibility since it doesn't include non-free drivers out-of-box. But on FOSS compatible computer I'd suggest it to anyone

However Ubuntu back in the (2004-2005) was a friggin miracle. It mounted drives automatically and all. Muchy easier than newbie-friendly Mandrake I started with


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