I'm curious how many Fediverse-using nerds (if you're following me, good odds you're a nerd) have children.

(If you have a kid on the way, feel free to count that in your total.)

@lunduke I have kids, I'm betting more than you, but I don't feel comfortable saying exactly how many.

@lunduke Bli Ayin Hora. ;) If this where a competition I would be winning. On another topic, do you think Judaisim impacted your opinions regarding #FOSS?

@yisraeldov Let's just go with... we're both winners. :)

And, heck yes, Judaism and FOSS (and related topics) go quite nicely together!

@lunduke Of course we are booth winners ... Love to have a chat oneday about why you think Judaisim is in line with FOSS, I have my own thoughts, but would like to hear yours since I think you are more of the FOSS zealot than I am.

@lunduke Hi Bryan. 10 kids. Makes life interesting, and fun. 🙂

@lunduke I'm more of a Manjaro user now but I have used Fedora in the past lol.

@lunduke I'm way too young to have children, but I'll probably either never have any or have one at most.

@lunduke If this wasn't Fediverse, I'd guess you're just fishing for comments. But since it is, I have one

@lunduke just the one, 19 months old and I'm already falling behind at securing the network from him.

@lunduke Our second child was due yesterday, but he or she is still in there! And by "there", I mean my wife.

@nwallace @lunduke Release when ready is always a good approach. Good luck. :metal_paw_e1:

@lunduke i got two. Why's it of interest? At the chaos communication congress there's an ever growing kidsspace, critical infrastructure ;)

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