Microsoft, GitHub take firm political stances, vilifies those that disagree.

... should Tech companies / organizations take political stances outside of their core mission?




@lunduke they definitely should not. Unless the matter is a human rights issue or clearly against the unified democratic framework us UN nations share, then I think it's unnecessary. Just look at how big Corp is budding up with China after they announced their social credit system for businesses... It's truly dangerous.

UN is a joke. Can't let them decide what is right and wrong any more than big tech companies.

@lunduke Companies and organizations should folow the laws of countries they do business in. That's exactly what Microsoft and Github are doing.


They take positions to sell us things. I strongly suspect their motives.

@lunduke By providing ICE the servers/ services I think that Nat must of felt compelled to make his statement. Seems like a PR thing. By being a large corporation it is hard to stay out of politics. Github servers at an ice cream factory don't affect the world or (MS's reputation) in the same way as servers at ICE perhaps?

I don't know what is the big deal about ICE and what it has to do with github. I personally love ice, but I'd you don't why should anyone care? Maybe you live in a place where you can't see the benefits of ice, but where I live I wish ice had a bigger presence. As a matter of fact, I think I'm going to have a vodka with ice today. #ILOVEICE

@lunduke Good on Git. Corporations shoul have the right to take public political stances and they should excersize that right.

They should'n make political donations though. That's a bridge too far

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