maybe its time to watch an episode of The Lunduke Show again.
lets check it out ...

... yes i downloaded it and will pirate it on the torrents!

#fuckDRM #fuckStreaming

@jackiemoon Librem One has no language policy like that.

I do. :)


oh fuck me, thats a novelty, though.
im off for research of the interwebs, lets see what gems i will find about the language My Dukness came up with.

PS: the internet never forgets, ill go full mueller report on you.


I like to keep my feed friendly for all -- for kids, for families, safe for work... safe for all.

I have a standing rule that too much profanity will result in a block (from my personal account) to keep it that way. I don't want to police what anyone says on their own timeline / account... just what is said in replies on mine.

That said... last warning. ;)


no need for warnings.
maybe our paths will cross again sometimes, till then:
live long and prosper.

@lunduke can I yell @ you about this video?

I didn't like appimages before, but your use case for using them to run old software made me think they are useful on that way and valid. I just wish there was another way to do it, and that don't require some kind of virtualization

@lunduke You missed perhaps the biggest gripe with bundle type of packaging... and that is security.

With traditional packages you have a maintainer.. Those maintainer makes sure dependencies also are patched for security threats.

A bundle package is not just bigger is size but could also contain obsolete and potential security threats. Who will make sure that Appimage of your Kdenlive is patched for security? This is also true for Snap and Flatpak bundles.

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