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What a Clockwork Gameshell? (You do.)

What it for freeeeee? (Also yes.)

My buds at @Linode are giving one away for free. Plus you all get $20 of Linode credit (for running a virtual server or such) to use. Which is also nifty.

It needs you to sign up, and the sign-up requires a load of personal info for a payment method and stuff.
I mean I understand it, and I do want that thing, but, eh, I'd rather not throw out all of my info to a company even if I trust them. Sorry!

(also your tweet about this has appeared, and now suddenly doesn't exist...?)

(sorry if this reply only brings negativity, I simply felt like sharing my opinion on it lol)

@lunduke Been using ConoHa as my VPS provider for years, but Linode apparently also has servers in Japan so why not, I'll give it a try.

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