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If only there was a Tech podcast / show that had...

- No Swearing (kid and work friendly)
- No personal attacks ("Be Excellent To Each Other")
- No political attacks (no matter who you vote for, we're friends)
- Lots of nerdy-ness (goofy and serious)

@GoatsLive Thanks, buddy!

Oh, and thanks for the goat videos and pictures! Makes the internet a more awesome place!

@lunduke Thanks, like you, we just want to spread some smiles!

@lunduke And probably one of the very few out there at that with those qualities. And always a favorite to listen to.

@lunduke You're most welcome. Always love your Linux Sucks, etc clips. Never fail to entertain me and always learning something new.

I've heard of this most excellent dude called @lunduke you should checkout his show. And don't forget, Be excellent to each other.


adding this to my bookmarks now. gotta keep up with all of this. you have an awesome day, keep up the awesome work. Peace!

...and it's backward compatible with black/white monitors :)

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