@bigl0af @lunduke I would certainly consider using it, compared to the shit show that is modern Android...

Hoping my Librem5 will free me from that, though.

@lunduke if nothing else it should be as open as the BSD UNIX it’s all based on.

@lunduke like with Windows, if MacOS was free software I still would not use it. I would love to have their audio system on Linux though, as I'm not the biggest fan of pulseaudio, and running just alsa on my laptop is a pain when I want to switch devices or record music

@zachir @lunduke If you're on Debian/ubuntu, you need to add the kxstudio repos, then install cadence and Jack. PulseAudio and Alsa become slaves to JACK at this point, and all your sound apps get to be controlled though the interface in pic related.


@anornymorse @lunduke I was unaware cadence could do that (I don't have much experience with it). I'll give that a shot on my Artix system later today

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