I've been learning emacs over the past few days. Nice program/editor.

I've been listening/download free and opensource music from libre.fm. Nice community.

Something that bothers me a lot is when kids are mean to each other. This generation is rough around the edges with serrated knives. I hope they find kindness along the way.

This is Houming. He's a rescue dog from China. He really plays a special role in our family.

So, i set my encrypted librebooted thinkpad down for about six months. When I came back to this ol' gal, I couldn't remember the encryption password. So I had to wipe it. I've not managed to get i3gaps back on. I'm not the best at linux, and putting it on was a chore. I AM however a fan of free software.

I've just joined librem.one. I'm a fan of purism, but run trisquel instead. Just checking this out

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