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"In my work with mature students, I have found that inviting them to consider collapse as inevitable, catastrophe as probable and extinction as possible, has not led to apathy or depression."

Just started playing A Knight's Quest on the Switch. Apart from a couple bugs, I have really enjoyed it. The game sneaks a lot of fun in with its writing. The combat isn't great, but so far it has enough to keep me interested. Definitely worth the money

really cool dataflow spreadsheet/shell crossover:

Code at (lua/love2d, see my PR for install instructions)

Just got , and I am loving it. My fingers hurt, but im pretty sure thats a sign I need to play more. I managed to get it running in on by doing a little bit of configuration in the prefix. Definitely worth it!

Recently learned about for linux. Sounds like an exciting development! Hope to see it replace the current audio stack. From what I've seen said by those smarter than I, it's currently kind of a mess. That's definitely been my experience in dealing with jack and pulseaudio.

Managed to get working with in C. I will probably try and make bindings in the future

Any fellow time-travelers have to-do lists built into their time trackers?

I really want to get rid of this notion of "project" and focus on the day to day creation, the wips, the failure, because I mostly never finish project because of lack of time or ressources and I don't want those things to get lost like a los certainly did

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Wrote a blog post about using syslinux to run a BIOS flasher on my Lenovo Thinkpad x220

Just a general warning to anyone who uses #paypal -- never keep a balance in your account. They terminated the account I was using for @TShirtsBot and also for consulting work. They froze the money in my account for 3 months and refused to give me any reason why even after talking to someone on the phone. :yikes: #fuckpaypal

Saw a bunch of toots referencing the land of . I own a copy, so I decided to open it up. I translated the basic in chapters 5 & 6 into . It was surprisingly easy!

The author of the library as also written a dialect for using it called .

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Found a neat little embeddable editor called . Has and notepad style keybindings. Works with and

Not to mention having offline documentation means I can work without having internet, which is more common than you would think.

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Online documentation means I often get distracted by everything else the internet has to offer before I find the answer to my question. Which is probably my problem, it is nice that I can avoid it.

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For some reason I didn't know that the project had really useful offline until I installed . I really appreciate being able `info guix` and get a really useful manual. This needs to be more commo

Writing a toot from the command line using . Didn't know I needed this.

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