@primalmotion @zacchiro @johns Dude he published my medical history to the front page of FSF.org.

Like do you need more proof than that? You dont even know who John is.

Go bother someone else, child.

@primalmotion @zacchiro @johns Hey incel troll,nobody cares about your feelings. I have receipts, now fuck off.

I'm sorry if this is your "safe space" 🙃

Because now I'm here 🤣

Grab your popcorn, I have one of these accounts again 🍿

@zacchiro @johns Thanking him for what?

Covering up harassment complaints in the office for years?

Covering up death threats and sexual assault @ LibrePlanet directed to yours truly?

Firing employees for coming forward with their stories?

Or maybe its how he feels free to out transgender employees to the entire world on the front page of FSF.org...

Yeah you are right, we all have a lot to thank John for!!! Best ED EVER!

@johns Really? You are going to step down your position after you have abused your power for so long... Covering up harassment & sexual harassment in the work place... Exposing employee medical histories when they are fired...

And you can't even be bothered to fire Ruben while you see your self out the door?


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