@jakob FYI: As a former newpipe user myself, FreeTube is a decent alternative available on Flathub. Also, MMS does actually work on stable now. You just have to make sure to get things configured correctly within Chats/Chatty (check under preferences / Protocol Settings / SMS and MMS settings / MMS Carrier Settings). You can always search online for which settings to use for your particular carrier.

That said, this was a great blog post, thanks!

@leimon @jakob huh, FreeTube looks very interesting. I've been using piped.kavin.rocks in Firefox. how well does FreeTube adapt to mobile display sizes/orientations?


@craftyguy @jakob It works great in all of those scenarios. The only thing that isn't perfect is that the on screen keyboard doesn't automatically come up when you search for videos. So just manually enable it before trying to search. Also, if using a pinephone set preferred video quality to 360p, any higher and the phone will choke. Enjoy!

@leimon @craftyguy I assume you're talking about using the video player in the browser? I can watch 720p video in mpv just fine on the PinePhone.
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