A few months ago our family got a new kitten, which put our cat count at three. Beyond two cats, it's a challenge keeping your house from smelling, so my requirement for the kitten was investing in a high quality automatic litter box.

We had tried cheaper units in the past for vacations, and they never worked well. While it was expensive, we got a Litter Robot and I have to say, it is worth every penny. No smell, automatic, reliable, easy to dump litter, no proprietary consumables.

@kyle You have just one and it’s enough for the three cats?

@videograndpa Yes, because it can detect when a cat has used it. It then waits 7 minutes for it to clump (and the cat to leave) and then it cleans itself. So the cats end up having a clean box each time.

I end up replacing the trash bag where the litter is dumped about twice a week, but the litter box alerts me with a blue flashing light when it detects that it is full.

@kyle Do you need to use special litter? Thanks for the answers, very intrigued as my wife is super sensitive to smells and this is an issue for us.

@videograndpa You can use any standard clumping litter. I intentionally use scent-free litter as I don't like the artificial deodorant smells in most litters, and it still doesn't smell.

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