I was on FLOSS Weekly yesterday, and had a great time talking with @dsearls and @shawnp0wers.

Check it out to hear me talk about the chip supply chain crisis in toilet paper terms, my history with and vision for convergence, and culture clashes in the FLOSS community.


@kyle Just listened to this.
Your magnet setup sounds interesting.
However, I believe that the best solution for this is something similar to Razer's Project Linda (shown in the image below)

But making this kind of lapdock be phone-size-agnostic would require some serious engineering.

You sould challenge Pine64 and Framework to see who can come up with the best implementation of this 😆

@testman That sort of approach does seem appealing at first, and we have discussed similar solutions internally over the years since we started Librem 5 development.

The challenge ends up being, as you say, that you end up with a custom Librem-5-shaped hole that then locks you into a certain size going forward, at least without careful engineering.

Well that and in my case you lose the 2nd display as you turn it into a touchpad, and I tend to use my Librem 5 display all the time when docked.

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