Due to all of the news around our Lapdock Kit, I was recently reminded of this Linux Journal article I wrote almost ten years ago (wow...) about my desire for what we now call convergence--using your phone as your main general-purpose personal computer.

Back then the best I could find was docking a Droid 4 on an Atrix lapdock, and running local Linux apps in a chroot over VNC.

How far we've come!


@kyle Ah, I remember that aritcle and the Atrix lapdock ... that was fun to play with but never did anything really useful. Eventually the micro HDMI connection got wobbly and stopped working.

@triantares Yes, I ultimately used mine as a "crash cart" for a headless server in my house, and eventually that HDMI port broke. I still have the hardware in case some day I feel motivated to repair it.

@kyle I tried to repair it but those HDMI connections are so minute that I deemed it a lost cause and eventually threw it away ..... pity actually.

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