I recently invested in an 128oz mini-keg that fits in my fridge door. This lets me serve my homebrewed beer more conveniently than filling individual bottles. The downside is you can't tell at a glance how many more servings are in the keg.

The solution? I weighed the keg empty (~ 4 pounds) and now I can weigh the keg, subtract 4, and since a pint's a pound the world around, the number of pounds is approximately the number of pints left (in this case 5 pints).

@kyle Couldn't you just keep track of the number of pints you pour? Seems like less work. Enjoy the beer. You've got a great setup.

@raymondpost Unfortunately filling this mini-keg with carbonated beer from a larger keg isn't an exact science. Due to the need to regulate pressure to reduce foaming, but release pressure to allow it to fill, it doesn't get consistently full to the brim, instead I stop filling it once foam gets to the top.

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