I'm halfway through the second doubleweave overshot towel, and so far things are going smoothly and mistake-free! I probably won't do another update on this project until they are off the loom and hemmed, unless a fun disaster strikes.

Well I think I'm calling it quits on this towel set early. This is the last in a long series of warp threads that came loose from the weaver's knot that attached it to the previous warp.

That by itself I could deal with, but what is worse is that all of the loose warp threads on either side of the weaver's knot are now tangling and making it almost impossible to get a shed without separating them each time the shed changes. I don't think I will tie onto an old warp in the future.

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@kyle Now I'm feeling like I really need to get moving on fibre things because I also have a loom I've never warped. Sigh!

@kyle oh no! That totally sucks. And on such a beautiful project, too.

@CaramelizedShallots It's OK, I was still able to make two towels, and ultimately I only need one good one. This is for a weaving competition and my plan was to weave three and submit the best one.

@kyle The one you posted was pretty amazeballs. I hope you win something!

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