I'm weaving a new set of towels using the same doubleweave overshot pattern as the last set, but this time using yellow and brown unmercerized cotton.

Because the pattern is the same, I can save time by tying my new warp onto the remnants of the old warp that are still threaded in the loom. You simply use a weaver's knot to tie each individual new warp thread to a corresponding old warp thread and then wind it back on. Only about 550 warp threads to go!

Halfway through tying a new warp onto the remnants of the old. Wow this is tedious work, and there is at least 3 more hours to go, but I still think it is faster and less error-prone than re-threading it.

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@kyle Do you tie a weaver's knot faster than you can thread a heddle? I use weaver's knot if I only rethread one of the loopers in my machines, and I'm not fast at all 🙈

@Triffen The first time I dressed the loom for the towel project, it took about 13 hours before I started weaving, not just due to the complicated and dense pattern, but from having to correct threading mistakes I discovered while sleying the reed. This skips the risk of threading errors.

I'm not fast at tying weaver's knots yet, but after 576 chances to practice, I bet I'll be pretty fast by the end!

@kyle The cotton isn't preshrunk when it's unmercerized.

@apples_and_pears Ahh I see. Yes I will definitely need to factor in the fact that the towels will shrink the first time they are washed and dried. It's just something I need to keep in mind when planning the dimensions for the towels.

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