I wrote a blog post about the dangers of focusing too much on hardware specs to predict performance when choosing hardware. In my experience many other factors (such as the software the hardware will run) have much more of an impact. Focusing on specs alone incentivizes bad practices like planned obsolescence and disposable hardware.


@kyle My Librem 5 runs well enough. I expected most problems would be fixed given it took three years to receive it, but it still seems to be a work in progress. Microphone audio is poor, touch controls for the file browser don't work, had to install a browser add-on to view various web sites, hotspot doesn't work because of newer hardware. Progress on the hotspot software fix I can at least follow on the development site.

@tudza It is a huge and ongoing effort to make the entire Linux ecosystem adaptive and mobile-friendly. Bugs in the touch interface for Files (upstream GNOME project Nautilus) is an example. We do continue to work with upstream to improve things and even years on, I think you will notice a steady pace of improvements.

I also recommend the Mobile View Switcher plugin if you use Firefox. It's even worth using on desktops as websites remove a lot of their bloat if they think you are a phone.

@tudza If you are comfortable using the command line to install it using apt, in the mean time you may also want to experiment with the "nemo" file browser, as it also fits within the Librem 5 screen and the touch controls seem to work pretty well.

@kyle Don't recall hearing about nemo as an alternate file browser in the forums. I will give it a try. Thanks.

@kyle I believe that's the solution I found in the forums. Thanks for mentioning it.

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