I rotate through my set of favorite razors whenever it's time to change the blade. The Gilette Fat Boy and Slim (far left in picture) are great razors, as is the red tip (3rd from left). Yet each time I rotate to the Stahly Live Blade (center of picture) I'm surprised and impressed again at how well it shaves.

I don't know if it's the fact that it vibrates, or the design of the head, but with a new sharp blade it beats everything else in my collection. Underrated razor.

@kyle I was mightily disappointed by the fact that you might have an electric shaver that you'd prefer.
Until I looked up the Stahly Live Blade. Holy Cow! A mechanical rewinding mechanism. I want one of those!

How cool is that?

@spaetz They are very, very cool and work surprisingly well. I give it a good wind when I start shaving and then just wind it up a bit each time I rinse the blade.

You can find vintage advertisements which show the clockwork mechanism. I have one framed by my sink:

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