I finished weaving the first in a pair of fancy hand towels. From this angle you can see how the doubleweave overshot technique makes the pattern reversible--the opposite side of the fabric has the same pattern but the colors are inverted. I also somehow leveled up on my selvedges partway through this towel.

These are for us to use and don't have to be a matching pair, so I'm going to experiment with a different stripe pattern for the second one.

@kyle Pretty pattern, are you using the same weight yarn for the tie down and the pattern?

@Romibel2 Thank you, this is from page 124 of Handweaver's Pattern Directory, but adapted for doubleweave per the Weaver's Studio Doubleweave book. Both warp and weft are the same white and tan 5/2 mercerized cotton from Silk City, and this pattern ends up being 32epi/32ppi with the white picks following the tan tromp as writ, with a special treadling for the white picks.

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