My tote is done! This one went quite a bit faster than the previous ones (16 hrs start to finish), and the basic leather punch kit I bought was well worth it. I'm really pleased with how the color combination worked out, it made the tote a cool-toned version of the original warm-toned tote (also pictured).

@kyle a long time ago I used to card, spin wool and made dolls for my daughters! It was so satisfying seeing the process play out! I miss it, but life gets in the way… maybe when I retire I can go back to it!

@mayread3 I only started weaving as a hobby a year ago but I find it to be a really nice and relaxing way to spend some of my free time. It's a great departure from my day job and exercises a different part of my brain.

I've also found it to be really rewarding (and appreciated) to gift things I've made, so I've ended up devoting more of my free time than normal during the holiday season to weaving so I can make presents!

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