A fairly reasonable point: as long as there’s only one supported way to install software on the iPhone, Apple doesn’t get to have a second “privacy policy” for the App Store that provides less privacy than the phone/OS policy. pxlnv.com/blog/oh-the-places-y

I probably spend too much time ranting about Apple on privacy issues. (A friend inside Apple says they ask why I’m so angry at them all the time.) Aside from being so popular, Apple is one of the few companies in tech with a privacy-compatible business model.

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So when Apple does things that harm privacy, you know it’s a choice — not some business exigency. Not that the latter is an excuse.

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@matthew_d_green Now that they have gotten heavier into the advertising business, and have successfully pushed competitors out of their space, they have business reasons too.

When I hear them talk about privacy it's the same definition as when Google or others say it. They mean protecting your data from third parties or competitors, but not themselves.

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