I added a fourth color and a new pattern to my fabric. It's starting to get... complicated...

I'm not entirely sure about this transition to white background and purple foreground. It seems almost too stark a contrast. I'm going to sleep on it but I might take this out and use a tan background instead.

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Update: I slept on it and woke up early to try out a tan background with a different foreground pattern. I think this is the one.

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@kyle This is nice! Looks like you unwove the previous one, that’s never fun!

@JoanESheldon Thanks! Yes I ended up unweaving it at least *twice* because the first iteration of the new pattern had tan inside the purple block and I switched it to white.

But that's the risk when you are making a pattern up on the fly. Now there is no more improvisation to do, all the patterns are decided, so the rest should go quickly.

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