I'm fabric for another tote bag using the krokbragd technique. What I like about this technique is that it allows for a level of improvisation you typically don't get with most weaving.

For instance, I decided this pattern in brown tones will be a bit too bland for the full side of the tote, so I'm going to improvise a banded purple diamond pattern around the middle of the tote to spice things up.

@SewingforyourLife Thank you! I can't wait to see what the finished product looks like, I'm sort of making up this pattern as I go along!

@kyle amazing. I never tried weaving (for now i have enough hobbies) but it was always fascinating to me.

@SewingforyourLife You can never have too many hobbies! I personally started weaving a year ago. It's very fun and relaxing, but it's also my first fiber-based hobby.

@kyle well, if you have hobbies where you "need" a stash, like my fabric stash for sewing, storage problems will stop you adding more hobbies. 😂 Although it is very tempting.
I already started knitting about 3 years ago, and now have a lot of yarn. The next "interesting thing" would be spinning....haha.

@SewingforyourLife If you have storage problems then definitely do *not* take up weaving on a floor loom :)

Although a rigid heddle loom doesn't take up much space...

@kyle 😆 😆
We used to weave on very small looms in Kindergarden, i don't know what they are called. That was fun and doesn't take much space...

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