Just because you ordered an introductory book on horology, it does *not* mean you are taking up clock repair as a hobby... he tells himself...

@kop316 I got The Clock Repair Primer by Balcomb. I was inspired to learn more about clocks after putting this kit together: ugears.us/products/20-minutes-


That's pretty neat! The book I posted is really neat, but it is very intense and pretty technical.

@kop316 I'm starting with traditional, larger clocks, at least in terms of learning/research. Not sure yet if that will expand into a full hobby, or expand beyond that into watches as well.

@kop316 The book you posted definitely looks like the one to get if I want to expand into watches though!


Just be warned that mechanical watches get expensive fast

@kop316 I do have a vintage Gruen Veri-Thin I got as a present with rubies at 12, 3 and 9. It runs for a bit (sometimes a few minutes, sometimes an hour or two) then stops. I imagine at the very least it needs a cleaning, but it would not be something I would tackle as a first project!

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