Preparing to weave fine cloth is no small task. The warp for the table runner I'm weaving next calls for 452 2.25yd long warp threads (24 epi). It took me about 6-7 hours on Sunday to measure out, and that was with running three threads at a time!

@kyle 😮 I haven't woven anything truly fine yet, and I both dread and look forward to it!

@tinybirds My previous project (overshot napkins, used the same size 10/2 cotton for the warp and had 480 ends!

The most time-consuming/tedious part was dressing and in particular threading the loom (

I just tell myself it's the price I have to pay to get to the actual weaving, which is the part that is fun and rewarding. It makes you really appreciate pre-industrial fabric.

@kyle I find setting up the warp the most meditative part of weaving, there's no complexity with regards to what heddle is in what position, or what particular weft is being used, just the task of allocating out thread to fit through specific holes, one by one...

@wobin I look forward to it being the same with me. I suspect part of my current feeling has to do with being a beginner--I've dressed my floor loom less than five times--and my worries about mistakes. I keep wanting to rush to the weaving itself, probably because seeing the cloth emerge is so satisfying. I should learn to enjoy all parts of the process.

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