I realized I hardly ever add topical hashtags to posts which probably makes it tougher for folks around the fediverse to see things I write that they might be interested in. I'll try to do better with future posts about , , and and topics.

@kyle And see? your use of topical hashtags has gained you at least one new follower. :)

@kyle A tip I should try to follow myself. I've been uncertain how the hashtags helps to find those words, but if it does, it make sens to use them. It actually is a digital equivalent to the traditional key words lists used in eg theses, papers etc.

@hehemrin I saw a few comments in my timeline from folks advising new Mastodon users about features, and one included setting up a column that served as a custom timeline search for sets of hashtags reflecting your interests and realized more people likely use hashtags to find posts than I thought, simply because I didn't personal use hashtags this way.

@kyle Aha, oki. Now I notice, under profile settings, a second subheading "Featured hashtags" Followed by the explanation
"What are featured hashtags? They are displayed prominently on your public profile and allow people to browse your public posts specifically under those hashtags. They are a great tool for keeping track of creative works or long-term projects." Make sense to make use of that, beside hastags in posts.

@hehemrin Interesting! I will need to look into doing that too.

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