It's hard to believe it's been a year since I replaced my personal computer with a and laptop dock. In this post I talk about my impressions, the docks I've tried, and using my Librem 5 as a tablet.

@kyle Nice write-up! Out of curiosity, what's the magnetic dock you mention in the article?

@okennedy It's just a generic metal hinged arm with a magnet on one end and 3M tape on the other to fasten to your laptop. If you do a web search for magnetic laptop phone mount you should be able to find some.

Loved that article - and thanks for the tips about Tablet Mode.
Where did you find the magnetic phone mount you're using ?

doh. just saw the reply above. Will check it out.
Really happy that you created that article. I had actually put my Librem 5 away, and started using SailfishOS on an Sony Xperia 10 ii ...
Now, I have updated the Librem 5, setup Zram and will go back to use it with my Nexdock 360 - at least for the rest of March to really give it another chance :-)

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