That wasn't so bad. The sensors were just completely covered in dirt. I gave them a quick cleaning and the Roomba is back in working order.

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@kyle How easy was it to open your robot? I have a Vorwerk VR-200 and it is almost impossible to open it without breaking things.
Best thing is, if I want to clean the ball bearing of the main brush I have to work myself all the way from top to bottom to reach it.

@le_ArthurDent The Roombas that I have had, have all been very easy to work on. This one was a 500 series which is quite old, so I don't know what recent models are like, but there are guides online that walk you through disassembly and repair step by step. It is mostly just removing screws in a certain order.

@kyle Good to know, our Vorkwerk is also quite old. I'll keep that in mind when he ceases his services permanently.

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