How do regular folks stand browsing the modern web? I have a VM for opening random links with no javascript or ad blocking. When I open certain news sites my laptop fans spin 100% loading all the ads, and it's almost impossible to read the actual story.

@kyle I'm starting to more and more agree with @tbernard that we need web browsers start in private mode by default.

At least I think they should open URLs from external sources in a private mode window, with a simple way to reopen it into the regular mode.


@KekunPlazas @tbernard This is one big reason why I've been experimenting so much on the side with running browsers inside bwrap so I could have a persistent but externally-sandboxed browser for more trusted browsing, and a disposable sandboxed browser that erased its sandbox when the window closed, for untrusted browsing (like opening URLs from external sources).

The implementation is pretty simple, it's just a matter of maintaining bwrap rules long-term.

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