I'm not a book nerd because I read The Iliad and Odyssey, and I'm not a book nerd because I'm about to read The Aeneid, and I'm not a book nerd because I picked the same translator (he's really good).

I'm a book nerd because I made sure all three books matched.

@kyle I was wondering quite some time about which (german) translation to pick, the one using Hexameter, the one focussing on meaning or the compromise. I sometimes had the impression that all three choices are bad and one should learn Ancient Greek to experience Homer. Or have it performed in Ancient Greek with subtitles, oh wait 5 lines of subtitles for one phrase because this subtitled translation or character has different meanings 😆

@dukethereal I prefer translators that prioritize readability and accuracy to *meaning* than literal word-for-word accuracy. It's poetry after all and I've found the translations I enjoy reading the most are from authors who have a poet's sensibility themselves.

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