Signal is one of the last things I use my old Android phone for. I've been trying out the latest axolotl Signal client on my and while it isn't feature complete and it's an Electron app, it's functional enough for the basic chatting I do that I don't need to go back.

@kyle does it work as the primary device or a secondary linked device?

@thrrgilag Primary. Previous primary app throws up an in-app notification that it's been deregistered.

@kyle I've been using the mautrix-signal bridge on my matrix server and it's worked okay for my light usage. Good to see more options.


I used to use Signal on Android but ever since trying out Matrix; Session; and XMPP I have a hard time loving Signal as much.

@PublicNuisance I use Matrix, XMPP, IRC and many other messaging networks, but I have people who primarily use Signal, so I need to do the same when I want to chat with them.

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