I started using my Librem 5 with a laptop dock yesterday and wow this is game changing. I'm going to use this setup instead of my personal laptop for a month. I could *almost* replace my work laptop too.

@kyle Awesome! What's that tiny bit still holding you back, if you don't mind sharing?

@twrightsman For my work laptop? I rely on a lot of Qubes compartmentation features for extra security at work, and replicating some of that isolation on the Librem 5 would mean running maybe 4 or 5 sandboxed Firefox instances at the same time. Having a native Matrix app w/ e2ee would remove at least one of those browsers though.

@twrightsman I say "almost" because I could see where with a few improvements and optimizations, that it could possibly do it. I'm already trying it out for a few hours at a time as my work laptop and so far it's been pretty promising to the point that I think it could at least replace my work laptop on trips. My maxxed-out Librem 13v4 work laptop has significantly more resources to play with of course :)

@kyle @twrightsman Do you use a Nexdock or similar shell? It would be cool if Purism partnered with Nexdock for a Librem 5 + Nexdock bundle with a discount.

@be @twrightsman I have a Nexdock 2, which doesn't yet work perfectly w/ just USB-C, but works in "RapsPi mode" with a hub in between. The newer Nexdock Touch (what we've used in some videos) work to some degree just w/ the USB-C cable. I think that's discontinued now though after only a few months of being available.

@kyle Makes sense, thanks for the insight :) Looking forward to my L14 for power but think the L5 could already replace my work laptop, it's a glorified SSH client.

@kyle @twrightsman Fractal is doing work to move onto matrix-rust-sdk and then add e2ee so a native client is on the way. Hopefully they finish before my Librem 5 ships. Looking forward to always having a real Linux computer with me without having to carry around my laptop.

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