I'm glad to see mainstream pieces on the issues behind sharing kid pics. I treat my child's online persona like a financial trust in his name: I am a trustee charged to manage/protect it until he is old enough to take ownership. washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/2

You don't own your child's persona. You are entrusted with protecting it. Their images belong to them, sharing them w/o consent (age of consent rules apply here) could harm their future when they take ownership of their permanent online record.

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@kyle Not that I disagree, but I'm curious, where do you draw that line? Do you take pictures at all? Do you show them to people? Where is that line drawn? It is tethered in the past (only people that come to your house/that you would bring a physical photo album to) or some new delineation?

@murph I take pictures, keep them offline, and share with family/friends via a private self-hosted album under my full control, just like you would an old-fashioned photo album you'd bring out when the grandparents come over.

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