To the best of our knowledge, the is the only smartphone around with a OpenPGP smart card reader. In this post I talk about why that's such a big deal:

@kyle This is one of my favorite things about the Librem 5 and is why I'm so excited to get one! :)

@kyle really cool! are there any considerable differences between using a smartcard with the built-in reader vs. something like a USB-C one, besides not having to hassle with carrying around the USB-C card separately?

@twrightsman From a GPG smart card perspective it should be identical. The main difference you'd see is that a lot of USB security tokens (including the Librem Key) also have a separate chip and flash storage and perform other security features (2FA, password vault, U2F etc) instead of *just* traditional smart card functions.

@kyle Would be interested to see this being used to make FDE easy. Would be great to have an encryption key on the smart card to decrypt the disk automatically on boot, then when you arrive at the airport/wherever you just turn the phone off and pop out the card and now you have a paperweight.

The multiple personas thing is cool too. I think it would be pretty convenient if there was a "default" blank persona, so if I take out the smart card and SD card I have plausible deniability.

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