The latest changes to hit the staging repo have dramatically increased my quality of life. First, Chatty now can use the haptic motor so I get vibration notifications w/ messages. Second, the top menu bar now features quick access to more settings.

@jk07301029 I've seen steady progress with updates here and there adding another 10-20 minutes each time. There are still a ton of optimizations (like auto backlight adjustment) we haven't finished yet so in many areas it's still running at 100%, but even w/ that and the 2000mAh battery I'd say about 3 hrs. I work from home so it's mostly charging on a stand I 3d printed next to my desk while I work.

It seems to last when I go out and run errands, go out to dinner, etc.

@kyle that’s a good start. Do you what they are aiming for? All day can mean a lot of things. Would you recommend a spare battery purchase?

@jk07301029 I don't know of a particular # of hours that is set as a goal, instead we are approaching it like you might expect: tackle the lowest-hanging fruit one at a time w/ maximum battery life as the goal. Whether you should invest in an external powerbank depends on so many personal factors (and battery life with your use case) it'd be hard for me to say.

@kyle that’s fair. Thank you for being accessible and helping out!

@jk07301029 I'm running some errands and thought you might find the power estimations interesting. I also use the wifi killswitch when I'm out since it saves a lot of power.

@kyle Thank you for sharing! That’s. Great help! Appreciate you thinking of me on that.

@mrbaraban You can use gsettings on the command like just like with a regular Gnome desktop, or install Eye of Gnome and open an image with it, then tell Eye of Gnome to set the image as the desktop background.

@kyle @mrbaraban That's cool. It makes sense that you could do it through a command. Do you know if there are plans to create an option in the settings to set the background?

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