A thread on one of my biggest and changing SOC(k) compliance standards:

Over 20 yrs ago I decided to standardize on one type of sock: white cotton Haynes with grey toe and heel and red toe stitching. While I own dress and boot socks, 99.9% of the time I wear these socks.

There are many benefits to this approach:
* No need to mate socks
* If a sock has a hole, throw it away and grab another from the drawer
* Due to family, I haven't ever had to buy these socks myself


Over 20yrs ago my grandmother started an annual tradition of giving me a new package of socks for Christmas. Each year I would actually look forward to this gift. This steady supply of new socks were more than enough to replenish the socks that wore out, especially with the original sock design.

You see, Haynes has made tweaks to this sock over the last two decades and I'm in a special position to notice each of these changes since I don't mate my socks.

First they altered how far down the toe the grey goes. Then they extended the grey to run along the full bottom of the sock (an improvement). Most recently, they have followed the cost-cutting trend of making fabric thinner so the last few years of socks have been significantly thinner.

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My grandmother passed away two Christmases ago and as I opened my last package of socks from her, my mom assured me that they had worked out before her death that my mom would take over the tradition.

I mention all of this because now with Haynes's cost-cutting measures, these socks are wearing out much more quickly than past designs so I'm starting to wonder whether one package/yr is enough. With a fresh package in my drawer, I guess I can worry about that next year...

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@kyle perhaps a change in sock brands is in order? I have been impressed with Fruit of the Loom sock quality.


Here's a recommendation.

Consider the choice of Smartwool medium weight hiking socks which are long lasting and machine washable/air dry. I am wearing some which are several years old.

I do recognize they are much more expensive than any brand of cotton socks, but their longevity overcomes that cost difference and my foot doctor and endocrinologist also recommend them.

Good luck.

@kyle I have noticed that socks have gotten thinner over time

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