Set up openvpn on my so I could ssh into it from my home network (keys only) regardless of the cellular/wifi network I'm on.

1. Follow an online guide to set up openvpn server on home computer, use ifconfig-pool-persist setting so IPs persist
2. Use same guide, generate client config for your Librem 5
3. add tls-version-min 1.0 to client config if server is older version of openvpn
4. apt install openvpn on Librem 5
5. Copy client.conf and client certs to /etc/openvpn on Librem 5

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6. sudo systemctl start openvpn@client.service
7. sudo systemctl status openvpn@client.service to test
8. sudo systemctl enable openvpn@client.service to persist reboots
9. ip addr on Librem 5 to see what IP it got

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