We are living in an age where everything from clothing to furniture to technology is cheap and disposable. The assumption is that nothing lasts, so one might as well buy the cheapest thing and throw it away when it inevitably breaks. Nowhere is this more true than the phone market, but it's something we want to change with the Librem 5.

@kyle Well said and excellent stance. Keep up the great work Purism!

@kyle It was quite difficult to justify the price. However, it is now understandable as to why you would want a considerable profit margin with a phone that is built to last. I commend you for this effort. Keep going! 👍 😃

@sudo @kyle
I'm not sure I understand the part about it not being possible to upgrade to a 5G modem? Is the antenna something that can't be added as well?

@kyle I am reading the article now, on my laptop from 2013/12 that runs absolutely beautifully with Artix Linux. Can I render content in the blink of an eye? No. Do I have software which lets me get everything I need done? Absolutely, and I can do it quickly. Thanks to the power of GNU/Linux. I think this is the kind of mentality that should be enforced in all technologies.

@kyle I saw your edit on about 5G modems... I hope Purism hasn't completely ruled out a 5G upgrade (including modem _and_ antennae).

@bear454 I think "ruled out" would be too strong, but once I got more information on what was involved I edited it so people wouldn't get the wrong idea in case when we explore it in the future we don't find a way to do it.

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