I'm really missing Linux Journal today. This RMS/FSF news would have had us editors working together to publish a well-thought-out story...

@kyle And that story probably would have been my favorite about the event.

@kyle get in touch with the editors and do it anyway :flan_shrug: There's nothing saying you all couldn't carry a torch of the former publication in your own way.

@kyle Have you thought about joining another Linux publication?

@kylejj I have another writing project that's taking my attention right now. Maybe once I finish that and take a break...

@kyle Such a story is needed so urgently. There are so much lies underway and no one has concerns about Microsoft taking over GNU/linux and Mr. Gates traveling to the Epstein Island.

@kyle if you want a blog, at we host a privacy friendly one at, based the open source write freely software. Its all free of course :).

@blacklight447 Thanks for the offer. If I write new pieces for a publication down the road, it will need to be one that compensates their writers. I believe strongly in that.

@kyle yh, the only compensation we can give is free hosting. ATM we are still paying this with our own money, our hosting costs roughly 15 bucks a week and we get about 3 bucks a week via donations. Hope to see some nice content of you pop up somewhere though, I liked your qubes is article (bias alert: am Qubes the co leader of the documentation and localization team for Qubes OS)

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