I've always had very short fingernails but I'm learning classical guitar so I've grown the fingernails on my right hand out a tiny bit. I have a renewed respect for those of you who type every day with long fingernails.

@blacklight447 It's not as bad as typing with a band-aid on my fingertip I suppose, but it would be if my nails were as long as is common among women around here. I'll get used to it, but it's definitely slowing me down a bit while I do.

@kyle hahah isee, BTW, your with the purism team right? I would like to discuss some concerns I have about the librem 5, could I pm you anywhere on here to discuss it(if your interested in discussing it at all of course).

@blacklight447 We disable PM on Librem One as it isn't actually private. Feel free to reach out to us on our community matrix channel though:

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