"Users who decline to share footage through the app may have police showing up at their door asking them to share in person if online requests don't work out. Law enforcement can also go to Amazon directly with a valid legal demand and bypass the user's consent to access the footage entirely."

@kyle IMO this makes all Ring devices fair game for vandalism. Which is a compromise position; helping the police with mass surveillance of public spaces really deserves violence.

@freakazoid You may want to rethink inciting violence or misdemeanor vandalism on a public forum.

@kyle It's also not entirely correct, because the requirement for a "valid legal demand" is entirely at Amazon's discretion due to the US's third party doctrine. They can force Amazon to hand over footage with a warrant, but one has no recourse against Amazon *or* the police should Amazon decide to hand over footage anyway.

@kyle I would sooner set up my own than pay to facilitate easily-abused mass surveillance.

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