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I would try that, but it's an old iPhone. Sidenote - I really wish I could buy a phone with Lineage preinstalled. But I'm so nervous about spending several hundred for a phone and then risk bricking it doing the install. Installing Linux on computers is easy peasy, but when I installed a custom ROM on my old tablet, it was nervewracking. :)

@cameron @frankstrater@linuxrocks.online @nergal I'm in the exact same situation as you with a dying iPhone 5 and no short term hope from my order. So I ordered a Motorola g7 and will try to put LineageOS on it... I'm nervous as well but if it works it's going great for the transition phone until I get a usable Librem

@kevinguillaumond @frankstrater @nergal

Sounds like a good plan, Kevin. I'd love to hear how it goes for you with Lineage OS. I want to try it out too.


@cameron Okay the LineageOS install went pretty well! I read this article first: androidauthority.com/lineageos and it gives a lot of useful background info. Then the Lineage wiki gave clear instructions and commands so I wasn't lost even though it was pretty much my first time touching an Android device

@cameron So it's been a great experience so far :p My brand new phone still works and now runs LineageOS. Next step is to install F-Droid (which you can't get from Google's App Store) but that's for tomorrow

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