How do people on the fediverse follow high volume accounts without having the lower volume ones lost in the noise? I tried to follow a few like @pluralistic but quickly regret it and unfollow. So, I miss out on some things of interest, but I find higher value in the posts from people who are infrequent, and make that trade-off to keep a readable timeline.

Is there a better way to just dip into these other accounts on occasion? Or to automatically highlight some of the posts?

@keverets You can press the 'bell' icon on accounts where you want to be notified of every post.

In addition, you can use lists to check in on your favourite accounts.

@dajb ah, I'm starting to play with lists. Thanks!

Trying to put these in a dedicated "high volume" one and hide them from the home timeline. Easier to have a small set of exclusions than a large set of inclusions


@dajb hrm. Maybe lists don't work the way I think they do in

@dajb they definitely don't work like I expect. I'm back to unfollowing high volume accounts. It seems there should be some way to follow many low volume users, and put the few high volume ones out of the way without additional dedicated fediverse accounts

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