Pressure works:

> "Facebook is extremely thinly staffed ... and this is because there are a lot of technologists that look at what Facebook has done and their unwillingness to accept responsibility, and people just aren't willing to work there," Haugen said



The good news for Facebook: Haugen, and the team supporting her, aren't aiming to shut down or break up the company. During her Senate testimony, Haugen repeatedly told lawmakers that she was there because she believes in Facebook's potential for good,

but... i don't!
shut it down now!
nationalise it in the Global South, where their "Free" Basics is the defacto internet.

@rysiek also:

"40,000 people working on the safety and security on our platform, including 15,000 people who review content in more than 70 languages working in more than 20 locations all across the world to support our community."

what a joke.
what kinda ratio is that, when you have between 1-3 billion users?

@meena @rysiek

If this was the fediverse, we'd have the power to self-police problematic content. The lack of freedom for users to have the tools needed to create a minimum social conduct is a serious error.

@doctormo @meena @rysiek the fediverse still had a ways to go in this. I need to maintain a separate account as the admin at has decided that my primary instance is bad so people there don't even see my follow requests, even though they want to interact with me. That takes a lot of agency away from the users and creates massive roadblocks to adoption.

@keverets @meena @rysiek I very much agree. Although at least the philosophy of user control is in the right place. Although instance by instance is going to vary greatly and instance reputation is it's own level of management too.

How did you instance manage to get a negative reputation?


@doctormo @meena @rysiek they said early on their intention was to only moderate illegal content, so there was a set of pre-emptive blocks setup that it appears will never be reevaluated.

@keverets @meena @rysiek Sounds problematic.

These are early days, so it's worth instances being flexible about this kind of problem. Although only so long as the tools allow the right associations.

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