Day 1 of a 7 day water fast.

I've developed some unhealthy eating patterns lately, so I need a reset. I've done a 3 day water fast before. It went surprisingly well. I liked the mental clarity that came with it and feeling reconnected with my body again. I haven't experienced real hunger in a long time - I mostly eat out of habit or being bored. I'll be working out for the first three days, taking a break after that. Time to burn some reserves. 💪💪


@Gina hope you keep us updated on effects (both positive & negative) as you go.

After a few days I go through waves of irritability, inability to focus, headaches, etc. Curious to hear what others experience and coping strategies.

@keverets I will. I'm excited about this experiment though. It's been interesting during shorter fasts to realize that hunger is just a feeling and nothing to worry about. It's nice not to constantly be preoccupied by thoughts about food.

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