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@derek I have been using Tabliss for quite some time now. I love having rotating "wallpaper" for the new tab page.

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@lionirdeadman I concur, and use Migadu too.

Regarding PGP, sharing keys is pretty seamless once you set it up. WKD makes sharing keys from your own site/email domain really easy, without relying on any keyserver; since my email is, PGP programs like GnuPG simply download my public key from When I open a signed/encrypted email for the first time in my mail client (Neomutt), GnuPG automatically fetches keys via WKD, DNS, DANE, and a list of keyservers so I hardly have to lift a finger.

It also helps to expose a public key with IndieWeb microformats2 for better discoverability.
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I talk about leaving big tech behind a lot, but don't just take my word for it. Here's my thoughts on a Google employee who points out the dangers of relying on Google for all your data.

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uspol, actually decent news feed 

re: uspol 

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Stop using "Zoom" as a general term for video conferencing.
Stop using "Google" as a general term for searching the web.

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2386. Ten Years 

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What is this Gemini thing anyway, and why am I excited about it?


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If you love the Free Libre web-comic Pepper & Carott, know that @davidrevoy has just added hardcover and soft cover comic books in his shop ! (already 426 books sold ans counting !)
It's a great way to support an indie Free Libre artist while gift shopping ;).

@mike I have been thinking the same. org-mode looks to have a lot more power and usefulness than from what I remember using 25-ish years ago.

The question for me will be . . . stick with the default Emacs keybindings in the hope that muscle memory comes back, or go with Doom Emacs to use vim keybindings?

Decisions, decisions . . .

@laura That's so sweet!

Belated "Happy Birthday!" and I hope you feel better soon.

@amolith As I understand it, both in general and from comments made in this conversation thread, you would likely get the most interaction with viewers by streaming on Twitch. So I selected that option in your poll.

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Glow 1.0 is out, and it's a big update to your beloved console markdown reader!

👀 Find all markdown in a project
🌈 Integrated high-performance pager
🐿 Stash your docs in Mr. Charm Cloud to read anywhere
🗝 Stashed stuff is private and encrypted

Get it:

Watch the little trailer, it's... ❤️❤️❤️

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I love this lidar scan of an archive room at the Centro de Henri Lenaerts in Navarra, Spain (an arts organization).

But it makes me heartsick for visiting archives in person :(

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